Oh give me a hoooome….

Looking for apartments sucks. I don’t think this is peculiar to London (if it were I’d have to say looking for flats sucks) but it is certainly more difficult when you don’t know the city. Someone who lives in west London says that east London is terrible, someone who lives in east London wouldn’t live in west London if you paid him. North of the river hates south of the river and vice versa. There’s not too much of a consensus, and I haven’t been able to suss out distinct characteristics of individual neighborhoods. The east end is grungy and becoming gentrified, the west is posh and maybe snooty, I think Soho is supposed to be gay.

I don’t know if it’s because I’ve lived near NY my entire life that I know the reputations of the neighborhoods so much better (even if some of them have long since been true), or if the neighborhoods here aren’t as well-defined. Although, let’s face it, even in NY individual characteristics of various neighborhoods have devolved into “expensive.”

So I’m looking in Bloomsbury/Kings Cross and Clapham tomorrow. Bloomsbury/Kings Cross is about a mile from my office and therefore walkable which is very attractive. Clapham is south of the Thames and is young and vibrant. I went to a party in a bar there last weekend and it looked cool, kind of like north Williamsburg (and I find myself constantly comparing everything here to NY. I hate that. I guess, though, that it’s kind of natural, a way to process new experiences. I wish I could just view everything as new.). I have two more weeks here in my hotel if I need them, so I have time. And Taron, Priscilla’s best friend from NY who moved here herself 4 years ago, offered to let me stay with her until I find something if I haven’t by time I need to leave the hotel. I’m covered. I just feel so unsettled and homeless.


~ by kellly333 on January 15, 2007.

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