10 things I’ve noticed about London so far:

1. The @ is where the ” should be on the keyboard and vice versa.

2. The architecture is beautiful — I was walking on Chancery Lane with Katherine and she said, “Yup, you haven’t been in London long. You’re gawking at the architecture.” Like a knife in the gut of a New Yorker! How can I ever make fun of tourists who stare up at tall buildings in the middle of the sidewalk again?? (I’ll manage to find a way, no doubt.)

3. If you say pants, people think you’re talking about underwear.

4. People walk even faster than they do in NY. I didn’t think it was possible.

5. Drivers are even more insane than they are in NY. I didn’t think it was possible.

6. Taxi drivers have to memorize all the streets in London and pass a test on them before they are given a license.

7. Theater tickets are much more reasonable here than in NY. Tomorrow I’m going to see a play called “The Woman in Black” and I’m very excited. Check it out here.

8. People wear much more sensible shoes here. Maybe this is the reason for #4 above.

9. Cell phones, or “mobiles” are really big. Like, they’re big back in the US but they’re bigger here. People have little stands to put them in at work, and you can see a mobile on every desk you pass.

10. Getting up for work is still a bitch no matter where you are.


~ by kellly333 on January 10, 2007.

3 Responses to “10 things I’ve noticed about London so far:”

  1. you’ve figured out how to hyperlink!!!! How soon until we get treated to a Wikipedia link?

  2. mmmm… wikipedia…

  3. #8 should work well for you. I recall one evening on 6th Ave and an emergency trip into a Duane Reade for crazy glue to fix your shoes.

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