It’s 4 am on a Friday morning

And I’m sitting in my hotel room in London wondering how long it will take for this city to feel like home. I know I can’t expect to be comfortable here the first day I arrive, stressed and with no sleep, but I find myself grasping at familiarity, at anything to make me feel that this is now my home. This is where I live. And right now everything is so foreign. I guess I’m not worried about meeting people, not worried about being bored. What I’m most worried about is being homeless.


~ by kellly333 on January 5, 2007.

One Response to “It’s 4 am on a Friday morning”

  1. you’re gonna paint the town red once you do find a home, of that i have no doubt. i’m nervous and excited for you…and also envious. i never got a chance to talk to you about this move. is it an ex-patriot maneuver or job related? looking forwad to reading more. and sorry about your airplane experience, man. hope you’re feeling better and that the “Search for Home” is going well. you know, it’s almost like a Star Trek movie!! Speaking of movies watched Dead Alive last night and oddly thought of you. Not as genius as Sam’s Evil Dead, but nonetheless a zombie comedy comes on and suddenly i got Barclay on my mind. : )

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